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Social media marketing – making your social media channels work for you, through clever use of budgets to ensure maximum ‘bang for your buck.

Content creation/management – authentic content that engages with the right audiences, while managing the strategic ‘drip feed’ of that content to make sure it works inline with user’s social media time.

Social media management – strategically deciding what content works best on which channel, and creating content that works for different audience subsets.

Digital marketing management – making your social and digital marketing work on harmony, and creating ‘encounters’ for users, reminding them of your brand, and driving their behaviour


Data-Driven campaigns across mWeb, In-App and Social media.
Eliminate duplications through the Omnichannel.
Cross device and contextual targeting.
Footfall campaigns and all location based campaigns.
Lookalike modelling and targeting.
Detailed segmentation based on real world data. 
Measurability and transparency.

Research & Reporting

Brand Lift Studies.
OOH measurement.
Social media (or any other) campaign tracking in terms of footfall.
Social media (or any other) campaign tracking in terms of audience.
Market research (Surveys or Audience Insights).
Audience insights including:

    • Demographics:
      1. Age Split
      2. Gender Split 
      3. Socio-Economic 
      4. Class Split 
      5. Household Size Split 
      6. Nationality Split
  • Psychographics:
    1. Top interests
    2. Affinity / Segment
  • Technographics
    1. Apps on device
    2. Device Make / Model
    3. Connection / OS
    • Location
      1. Top Home Locations
      2. Top Work Locations
      3. Any other POIs (Retail, Grocery, Gyms, F&B etc…)

The above are the most attributes we have reported on. Every study is customizable based on its challenge or goal.

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